What you need to know about the silicone life sex doll

Silicone is known for its polymer, inert, synthetic compound properties that is chemically composed of siloxane units. They are typically heat resistant and rubber-like, and are used in sealants, adhesives, lubricants and insulations.

At some point in time, the human sex hormones are naturally triggered that make you feel honey and in need for sex. If there’s no availability of the opposite sex to sex, then we in turn utilize synthetic sex material for pleasure. You are able to achieve orgasm by masturbating with such sex toys/ dolls. The addictive nature of these sex dolls can be overwhelming.

Silicone life sex doll is no exceptions to aiding you achieve the maximum pleasure over beating your heart. This product is made from silicone based compound, engineered to it feel like the thing. The sex points and pleasure points- vagina, breast, anus and butts are designed with the realest soft touch just like the ordinary person. There should be no fears of achieving abrasions during and after sex. This type of uncertainty is cleared by wiping cleaned with the lubricants that do come with the product. Therefore, to facilitate easy penetrations, the lubricant is your sure aid.

Are there risks of infection?

Infection is the last and at the same time least thing you can ever ponder about when it comes to the life size sex doll. When you purchase a life sex silicone sex doll for the first time, there is some powdery feeling in your palms after rubbing your hands over it. This is used as a protection of the doll whiles it is factory-stored. Moreover, this same disinfectant ensures the longevity of the product after purchasing. You can shower the doll to take away any dirt and store it for later use.

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