Flat Chest Sex Doll #3 – 135CM Asha

$1,199.00 $1,299.00

Height 135cm
Chest circumference 75cm
Underbust circumference 57cm
Waistline 45cm
Hip circumference 75cm
Thigh circumference 38cm
Arm length 55cm
LBM 24.55kg
Vagina deep 18cm
Mouth hole deep 13cm
Anal deep 16cm
Packing size 130*38*26cm

Most men don’t have time and but need to have fun. The silicon love doll, is very realistic and comes with an innocent touch…..I believe there is nothing innocent about this. The doll has amazing skin and a very nice body structure, naturally structured breasts and manicured hands and feet. She comes with a cleanable vagina and anus, because it is easy to remove.

For many men out there it is like having a girlfriend next to you with this experience. This is because the designers have tried to design the doll to look almost like the perfect woman.


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