#D-1Pink Blonde Lovely Small Girl


Height 125cm
Chest circumference 52cm
Underbust circumference 45cm
Waistline 42cm
Hip circumference 65cm
Thigh circumference 32.5cm
Arm length 48cm
LBM 16.35kg
Vagina deep 18cm
Mouth hole deep 13cm
Anal deep 16cm
Packing size 120*40*26cm


Angel is an absolute sight to behold. This girl has the beautiful features of a goddess. Her friends call her Aphrodite because they are always teasing her about her beauty. If she excited during the Greek mythological times, she would definitely have been worshipped as the goddess of beauty and fertility. She has powerful features to her and she knows this. Put her on an equally sexy body and watch her strut her stuff on the cat walk.


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