#87 152CM Women in Red Huge Breast Curly Hair Silicone Sex Doll Florence

$2,199.00 $2,299.00

height 152cm
chest circumference 80cm
underbust circumference 58cm
waistline 48cm
hip circumference 75cm
thigh circumference 38.5cm
Arm length 57cm
LBM 26.25kg
Vagina deep 18cm
Mouth hole deep 13cm
anal deep 16cm
Packing size 138*40*30cm


An adult sex doll is toy that can be used by both men and women grown
ups to help them have a satisfying sex experience. It is usually made in the
form of a human to depict a sexual partner. There are a variety of
adult sex dolls that you will love which may range from standard
dolls to realistic dolls.
With the introduction of adult sex dolls, sex has never been the same. It
has become a fun experience for both men and women.
Unlike the traditional way where an adult has to get a partner in order to
enjoy sex-most of whom did not satisfy the other, sex dolls have
come in to salvage the situation. With them, you can satisfy your
sexual needs to the maximum and without the hassle of going out to
look for a partner.
They have also come in and helped in eliminating risks like
contracting diseases, getting unwanted pregnancies as wells as
breaking the monotony of everyday sex.
pocket friendly sex toys are a must have for any adult who wants to spice
their sexual life.


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