#85 Short Blonde Hair TPE Sex Doll – 158cm Asha

$2,199.00 $2,399.00

Height 158cm
Chest circumference 80cm
Underbust circumference 62cm
Waistline 50cm
Hip circumference 80cm
Thigh circumference 42cm
Arm length 63cm
LBM 30.75kg
Vagina deep 18cm
Mouth hole deep 13cm
Anal deep 16cm
Packing size 148*42*30cm


Asha is one of the loveliest girls in our collection. She is mature yet has an underlying beauty that words cannot accurately describe. Nevertheless we shall give it a stab. She has a long face with a well defined jaw line. This girl’s baby blue eyes have a depth to them that is indescribable. They seem to be searching your very soul trying to root out your deepest, darkest secrets; pleading with your worst fears and insecurities to reveal themselves. They have a mischievous glint to them as well. She will toy with the demons that lay beneath your skin this one.


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