#71 168CM Blonde Short Hair Heatable Love Sex Doll Renee

$2,199.00 $2,399.00

Height 168cm
Chest circumference 91cm
Underbust circumference 67cm
Waistline 55cm
Hip circumference 85cm
Thigh circumference 44cm
Arm length 64cm
LBM 36.5kg
Vagina deep 18cm
Mouth hole deep 13cm
Anal deep 16cm
Packing size 156*42*30cm



For those of us who fantasize around trios and blow-outs yet couldn’t deal with imparting our adored one to others there is an answer. Now and then sharing a darling resembles sharing a glossy new toy and we can’t comprehend doing a wonder such as this. With a silicone sex doll, the issue is well

This doll is the most cutting edge grown-up toys out available. This doll is made in the depiction of a real person from real hair anyplace you’d like it, pussy, rooster, arms, legs, hair on face, to skin surface. Silicone sex doll might be fun in the bath or when you’re simply exceptionally horny, making it intolerable to wait for your darling to cum.

Some sex toys, similar to sex swings nearly give us what we need yet unless it’s kinkier then that it isn’t precisely what we need. We figured it couldn’t occur however silicone sex doll may simply be the better time toy that we’ve been envisioning about.


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